The Take-Back Program

The idea is simple - You donate your used Commonwealth shirts and we donate the resale profits to the promotion of fair working conditions worldwide.

You donate.

Simply bring in your used Commonwealth shirts, in any condition, and you will receive 15% off your next purchase. Shirts will be repaired if necessary and resold under the Take-Back Collection page. If completely unsalvageable, shirts will be sent to a recycling facility. Donate and help us sleep at night knowing our shirts are far from the landfill!

Batch 001 | Photo Credit: Josh Dookhie

Batch 001 | Photo Credit: Josh Dookhie

We donate.

100% of profits from the Take-Back Collection will be donated to the Clean Clothes Campaign. This is an advocacy group that fights for the fair wages and safe working conditions of apparel workers worldwide. Read up on their work with the address below.