Next Up: Organic Japanese Linen/Cotton Long Sleeve


This is the first organic fabric CMFG has offered! I had been intending on ordering an organic for sometime, but I was leary for a while due to the vague nature of what can be marketed as "organic". In a nutshell, something is usually deemed organic if no chemicals have been used and/or the dyes are natural. I will also be offering this shirt with some sort of natural button, either shell or corozo.

Also, the first slubby fabric I have ordered. A slub is a section of yarn that has lost some of its tension and has a pronounced look to it, like you see in the above photo, especially evident on the deep blue. Slubs used to be considered a defect, but they do not weaken the weave at all and are now considered a feature by many.

Very excited to see the outcome of this one! Goal is to be completed by late July/early August. Roughly 20-25 to be made, email to reserve.