Spring Shoot

The creation of this company has required that I lean on the benevolence of many friends. Two such friends, Josh Dookhie and Mark Reimer, helped bring together this photo shoot, showcasing some of the goods I have been quietly working on all winter. Taking advantage of a sun soaked day in April, Josh skillfully captured the initial offerings of Commonwealth and the environment in which they came to be. 


Mark is shown wearing the heathered forest green long sleeve. A classic look with intricate details. The button-down collar and softness of fabric makes for a casual feel with a clean look. The other manifestation of this shirt is a stone blue heathered with pearl white. 

To me, the shop is both a creative space and a reimagining of apparel manufacture.

CMFG is intentionally product-focused over brand-focused. Said another way, the hype belongs to thorough craftsmanship, not hollow branding. These shirts are created to be more than just another disposable good. Each item is designed to be simple, classic and enduring, so you can freely bypass the fads. 

My whole ambition is to create a better process, thereby resulting in a more authentic product. As a counter to veiled offshore production, CMFG exists to manufacture in a local, transparent and diligent manner. 

Being able to see a garment evolve from initial concept to finished product is a huge privilege. Instead of parsing the domains of design and construction, the shop encompasses both. Technical and creative elements come together to make this a place for innovation and responsible production.